General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

As of 25th May 2018, the new EU GDPR regulations came into force.

FreemasonsWeb as a Content Management System (CMS) provider, stores certain personal information about our users in order to effectively provide our services. We also provide the means for the Site Administrators of the websites we host to store additional personal information about the users of those websites.

FreemasonsWeb takes privacy very seriously and only stores information that we deem absolutely necessary to provide our services. FreemasonsWeb has never, and will never, divulge or share personal information with any third party for any reason. In particular, FreemasonsWeb never uses personal information of the purpose of marketing or advertising.

Full details of what information FreemasonsWeb holds can be found here: GDPR and FreemasonsWeb

Being a Content Management System, Site Administrators of hosted websites have the ability to store additional information about its members. Previously the sole responsibility for the management of this data was with the Site Administrators of those websites. However the new GDPR regulations mandate that individuals should have as much direct control over this information as possible, and have the right to request that their personal information be modified or deleted should they not have direct control over it. Furthermore, it is no longer permissible for individuals to be "opted-in" by default; instead individuals must explicitly consent to their personal information being used.

FreemasonsWeb now provides the facility to:

  • Request a full report on what information is stored about you
  • Modify or delete that information and/or restrict its use within the extent of the website hosting services FreemasonsWeb provides

GDPR Report requests are based upon email address, as this is the only unique identifier FreemasonsWeb has to both identify an individual and verify their identity. *

To receive access to your GDPR report, simply type in your email address in the space below, fill in the answer to the CAPTCHA question, and click on the "Request" button.

If any data is found, instructions for retreiving your report will be sent to this email address.

If you already have a login account, or you do not have an email address and your Site Administrator has created a login account on your behalf, you may edit all your information by going to your "My Account" page after logging in.
The information on your "My Account" page is the same information that is included in a GDPR report.


*Although IP addresses can arguably be used to identify an individual, we do not offer requests for information by IP address as:

  • Records of IP addresses are only used the duration of a page visit or login session, and are permanently deleted within an hour of the session ending.
  • There is no way that FreemasonsWeb can safely verify that the requester of information by IP address is actually the owner of that information.

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