Customising Your Website

The FreemasonsWeb Content Management System allows you to publish any standard HTML content on any of your pages. This includes:

  • Standard text, with a large range of styles and fonts,
  • Images,
  • Tables of images and text.
  • Links to pages within your website, or links to other websites.
  • Adding new menu items and pages.
  • Multiple pages for a menu item.
  • Restriction of pages and/or menu items to the public, basic or full members.

Even when using the standard skin-styles provided, you still have the ability to customise your website.

The standard customisation options include the ability to:

  • Upload your own logo image in place of the default logo provided.
  • Alter the title text, or not show it at all.
  • Replace the whole of the title section with your own custom HTML.
  • Whether to show a link to your Grand Lodge / Grand Supreme's website in the header or not.
  • Whether to show the heading of each page or not.
  • Adjust the size of images in your news/events pages, or not show them at all.
  • Change the default images of news/event items, or use specific images for certain news items and events.
  • And much, much more...

However, if you want to completely change the style of your website this can be done by using your own custom style-sheet.

A custom style-sheet can completely change the look and feel, and the position of every part of your website. Developing custom style-sheets requires a good knowledge of Cascading Style-sheets (CSS), and the differences between the various browsers currently in use.

You can download our FreemasonsWeb CSS Development Guide in PDF format for details on the styles used within a FreemasonsWeb website. This should be passed on to your web-developer who will understand what is required.

Alternatively, FreemasonsWeb provides a service to develop custom style-sheets to your specification. The cost of this service largely depends on the extent of your customisations, so please contact us with your requirements.

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